Unicorn Tales: Why I Seek Couples

Seeking: A bi-sexual woman interested in joining a dyad couple sexually, yet abstains from any romantic or emotional involvement. Also, this woman does not have sex with just the male or just the female of the dyad, she can only have sex when all three are together. Sounds like an impossible woman for an improbable situation, right? These are my unicorn tales: why I seek couples.

My role was designed for the sole purpose of satisfying the desires of couples intending to strengthen their relationship by pushing their sexual boundaries. While I serve as the conduit for reinvigorating their bond by allowing them to explore and expand their previously unexplored sexual desires, this role inherently casts me as the permanent outsider.

Unicorn Limitations

I am not a companion, I do not possess a spiritual connection, or experience any of the good things that grow from a loving relationship. There are limitations to this arrangement. The couple is the primary and I am their additional partner. The relationship dynamics are unequal, yet understood. While ‘unicorn hunting’ is a controversial topic within the poly community (for the above mentioned reasons), I happen to thrive in this role. Couples need me for the same reasons I need them.

Joining a couple as a unicorn is an exhilarating experience that allows me the flexibility, freedom, and sexual satisfaction I need without the traditional commitments of a ‘normal’ relationship. While most polyamorous relationships are deeply complex with multiple layers of connections between each of the three or four members (i.e. Brandon, Jacob, Belle and Mary are all a unit, but have relationships with each member individually). As strong and as nurturing as this bond can be, it is a mentally and physically taxing commitment. One that doesn’t work for me.  

Why Do I Do This?

You may be asking: why do I seek couples, then? Because I do not have time to emotionally nurture a partner or multiple partners. I cannot give someone the amount of attention they deserve in a healthy relationship. But, as a unicorn, I am committed to something. I am still a piece to this puzzle so my wants and needs are also being met.     

The relationship structure is decided upon beforehand. A rare and beneficial advantage to this arrangement, is the complete transparency of everyone involved. Between the first couple of dates our boundaries and requirements are discussed thoroughly and honestly. We are bold, up front and specific in our preferences, rules and limitations. We are all on the same page, at all times. Plus, there are no assumptions, no unspoken expectations, no hurt feelings, no stress and no messy emotions.

How many traditional couples can say that?

Being a unicorn isn’t for everyone, but again, that is precisely the reason we’ve been christened as an elusive, mythical being.

Any other unicorn want to share some tales?

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