Marriage Counseling for Polyamorous Couples

Marriage counseling can be a helpful tool for all kinds of couples or other interpersonal relationship formations, and employing it is not something to be ashamed of. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of marriage counseling for polyamorous couples.

Create a safe space to explore difficult topics

Marriage counseling is inherently designed as a way to create a safe space to allow the people involved to discuss topics that might otherwise be extremely difficult to address with their partner. This makes it ideal for couples who are interested in opening up to polyamory or those who are already in an ethically non-monogamous relationship but need help navigating any of the road bumps they might encounter along the way.

Issues involving things like boundary navigation, communication skills and safer sex practices may all seem like tricky and potentially volatile subjects to broach with your partner at home, especially if there is already tension. Taking these issues to discuss in a safe space with a qualified poly-friendly marriage counselor will make them seem much less scary and allow you to communicate effectively about them as a couple.

See things from your partner’s point of view

A good marriage counselor will never take sides or tell one partner that they are wrong. The whole idea of marriage counseling is to allow all people in a relationship to express their feelings about the relationship and how it looks from their point of view without being subjected to judgment. The counselor will then help you to see how the expression of those thoughts and opinions affects the other people in the relationship.

Because of this, marriage counseling can be extremely helpful for non-monogamous couples, whether or not there are other people currently involved in the relationship, as it is designed to give everyone the chance to be heard, but also have their feelings reflected back by an impartial third party. Sometimes that’s all it takes to be able to see something in your relationship that needs working on and start taking steps to fixing it.

Improve your communication skills

Ask any successfully polyamorous couple what the key to making it work for them is and the answer will almost inevitably be “talking”. For most non-monogamous relationships, clear, honest and regular communication is something that all people involved likely need to engage in. Having the chance to sit down with a marriage counselor who can facilitate communication in areas which have previously been problematic is an excellent place to start.

Most issues that arise between couples, whether monogamous, polyamorous or something in between can be addressed and dealt with by talking openly with each other. If you find it hard to do this as a couple, marriage counseling could be perfect for you, and you will likely find that as a result of it, you will be able to communicate more effectively with your partner going forward.

About the author
Neil Ward became a counselor and psychotherapist primarily because he himself was helped by similar treatments. Neil enjoys working with others to help them solve the real problems they face in day to day life and feels privileged to work with people. He has received many qualifications in numerous areas of therapy and has run his own clinic in Glasgow, Scotland for over 10 years.

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