Tips For Finding Friends And Networking

Not everyone is looking for love, but everyone is looking for a connection. So even if you’re not interested in a romantic pursuit, OpenMinded is still a great avenue for networking within the poly community.

Whether you’re traveling abroad or just want to communicate with like-minded people in your neighborhood, here are some tips for fostering platonic relationships on the site.

Change Locations

Traveling to Seattle with your partners for a three-day weekend? Want to know the best, poly-friendly spots to grab dinner or drinks? Set your hometown location to Seattle and your profile will instantly appear in the local feed. Even if you’re not traveling but are curious about the poly scene in Dallas or Atlanta (or anywhere!), changing your location will immediately connect you with the local experts.

Change Your Headline

Attract the right kind of audience by clearly stating your intentions in your headline and bio. “Here For Friends” or “Looking To Network” are obvious indicators that you’re interested in platonic relationships. And always fill out your profiles completely! Be detailed and precise about what you’re looking for. The more you give people to work with (in terms of habits, interests, goals, ideologies, etc.) the easier it is to connect.

Mark ‘Friendship’

Don’t forget, when completing your profile make sure to select ‘Friendship’ when prompted for your desired relationship type. This automatically connects you with profiles interested in friendships, as well. 

Hope these tips for finding friends and networking were helpful. Drop us a question if you want to know more. 

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