Top Resources for Polyamory

Whether you are new to the polyamorous community or you have been involved for some time, it’s important to have resources you can consult when questions arise. Although the poly community is vast, it’s not always easy to find the support you are looking for, especially for those who have not come out publicly. Below are some resources for the poly community.

MoreThanTwo is a website dedicated to all things polyamory. The creator, Franklin Veaux, started the site to assist both new and experienced polyamorous people in navigating these complex relationships. Not only does the site feature a very relevant blog, but it also hosts an extensive list of outside resources complete with links to books, podcasts and other blogs devoted to discussing polyamory. is a forum site where people involved in the poly community can go to discuss issues within the community, give/receive advice or just read what other people are discussing. The site is very informative, but keep in mind everyone there isn’t promoting positivity and the moderators can be a bit sassy. is an information resource, podcast and blog created specifically for the polyamorous community. The site’s goals include helping people improve their romantic lives and connecting with their partner(s) on a deeper level. Although the information on this site was created with the poly community in mind the site’s creators say the resources found here can apply to any type of relationship.

Polyamory Weekly is a podcast that features a weekly talk show discussing all topics related to the lifestyle. The show features listener call-ins so you can get a chance to hear what other poly people are thinking and interviews with guests who are influential within the community.

We find the aforementioned resources to be useful and informative, but we want to know what you think. What are some of your most-visited polyamory resources?

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