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Member Concerns

Users may file reports of concerns they have with the site regarding allegedly inappropriate language, images or gestures made on OpenMinded. Threats of violence, apparent stalking, or any other user behavior that makes another user feel that his or her well-being is threatened should be reported not only to our Member Concern team, but also to local law enforcement agencies immediately.

  • How do I file a complaint against another OpenMinded user?

    To file a complaint, click on the “Report” link found under the offending member’s profile image.

    When you have selected the Report link, a Report Form will open in a new window. Please complete this form, detailing the alleged actions of the offending member.

    Once the form has been completed, select Submit Report. A member of our Member Concerns team will look into your situation and make contact immediately.

  • What does blocking do?

    Blocking is an action that intentionally prevents profile viewability and OpenMinded site communication between users. By default, profile details and information exchange via email between Generous and Attractive members occurs on a voluntary basis. OpenMinded cannot be held accountable for the content of information is exchanged between users.

    You can block users to prevent them from starting conversations with you or seeing anything posted on your profile.

    People you block can no longer view information posted on your profile or start a conversation with you.

    In the event that a blocked contact has that status changed by a user to Unblocked, all original account settings will apply. The unblocked contact will regain full access to that user’s profile information and will be able to re-establish contact via profile options.

    Any member can report abuse by using the Report link. OpenMinded provides users with options to report content, language, photos, or videos that they believe to be in violation of our Terms of Use.

  • How does suspension work?

    When a user is suspended, a hold is placed on all account activity. Profile details and approved photos will be saved, but all site features and other members will become inaccessible. Messages sent by the suspended user will still be received by other users, but cannot be opened by them until the suspension is lifted.

  • How does a user get suspended?

    A user’s account is typically suspended for one of the following reasons:

    • A violation of our community’s outlined Terms of Use; or
    • The user triggered our automated security system. Our system is calibrated to detect multiple kinds of threats using various criteria. Our goal is to protect members from malicious users. Occasionally, legitimate users are penalized in the filtering process.
    • If you find this occurs, please contact us at [email protected]
  • What happens after suspension?

    All suspended accounts will be reviewed by our central team within 24 hours of the applied suspension. If the suspension was erroneous, the account will be restored and the user will be able to regain access. To check if a hold has been lifted, please attempt to login.

  • How can a user get an account restored?

    Users are advised to allow 24 hours before seeking additional help with login issues. If the account is still suspended after 24 hours, and/or you believe the suspension was erroneous, please create a help ticket with Customer Support.

  • Under what circumstances will an account be deleted?

    OpenMinded reserves the right to delete user accounts if, by our sole discretion, deletion is in the best interests of our site, community, and/or users. Reasons for deletion include issuance of a credit card chargeback, accessing the site from a suspicious IP address, and/or violating our Terms of Use.

    If you believe that a deletion was wrongful, please create a help ticket with Customer Support

  • How are users flagged for spamming?

    Our Spam filter is an effective method for keeping malicious users from abusing the OpenMinded site. Due to the automated nature of the messaging filters, occasionally legitimate users are inadvertently flagged as spammers.

    An account can be flagged for spamming if, for example, a user sends an excessive number of messages in a 24-hour period, or exceeds the daily messaging limit.

  • What do I do if another member stole from me, is harassing me, or has hurt me physically?

    In cases such as these, please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. is unable to release private user information without appropriate official instruction and authorization. We will cooperate fully, however, with all such legitimate communications.

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