|ˈlʌmbə ˈsekSHo͞oəl|

A modern term which defines a metrosexual man, typically Generation Y or later, who attempts to portray a feeling or sense of ruggedness through his attire, grooming, and sometimes behavior. In essence, a lumbersexual will look to emulate the appearance and presence of someone who has a masculine, man-of-the-land way about them, without actually being manly or handy with tools.

A lumbersexual will attempt to metrosexualize physical attributes that were once considered to be the pinnacle of masculinity. For example: Where a lumberjack would wear a rugged, unwashed flannel as a means of keeping himself warm in frigid working conditions - a lumbersexual would wear a freshly dry-cleaned flannel in the same color, designed by an Italian fashion label, as a means to keep himself cozy and stylish while he sips his tall iced americano in the corner of his local vegan cafe.


Brian tried his best to look like he was a rough ‘n tough outdoorsman. His red flannel finely kept beard and leather boots all contributed to his lumberjack aesthetic.

Unfortunately - the softness of his hands and the lack of any facial/ bodily scarring let people know that he was a lumbersexual and not a real lumberjack.

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