|ˈkəkəld| or |'kəkōld|

Describes a husband who has relinquished the role of being a sexual partner for his wife to another man. A cuckold is often born out the wife’s lack of sexual satisfaction, wherein the wife will either cheat, divorce or propose a cuckolding.

A cuckold will still perform the other duties involved in being a husband, but will no longer be responsible for sexually pleasing his wife.

Some cuckolds will find arousal/ pleasure from the knowledge that his wife is being sexually satisfied by another man, sharing in her enjoyment.


Ernie knew that he couldn’t sexually satisfy his wife, so when she proposed that he become a cuckold he was not surprised. He reluctantly accepted, knowing that the only other option was to get a divorce. But over time, he learned to find enjoyment from the fact that his wife was being satisfied by their hulking neighbour, Bert.

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