|ˈhōmō| |ˈfleksəb(ə)l|

Homo- originating from homage, Latin.


Homoflexible is someone who is primarily attracted to members of the same sex. But can garner pleasure from romantic encounters, and is sometimes attracted to, members of the opposite sex.

Someone who considers himself to be of homoflexible sexual orientation is different to a bisexual in the sense that the person identifies mostly with being gay or lesbian, despite sporadic sexual forays with the opposite sex.
Homoflexible is the homosexual alternative to the term heteroflexible, which is used to describe someone who identifies as heterosexual, but will occasionally engage in sexual encounters with members of the same sex.


Liam hooked up with Tammy by the lake, despite being in a committed relationship with Trent.

When his friends ask him why a gay guy would hook up with Tammy? Liam exclaimed, “It’s just harmless fun!”

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