An asexual person is someone who is not sexually attracted to either gender. It is typical that asexual individuals will abstain or avoid sexual relations but are perfectly able to participate in romantic, loving relationships.

There are numerous sub-classifications of the asexual orientation, including but not limited to:

Aromantic Asexuals: People who are asexual, but have little to no interest in romance. An aromantic asexual person will often prefer to be single.

Flexible Asexuals: An asexual who is open to the idea of sex, often as a result of wanting to please their romantic partner. Some flexible asexuals may enjoy sexual intercourse on the odd occasion in which they partake in it.

Repulsed Asexuals: A type of asexual that is totally against the idea of having any form of sexual relation with any other individual.


Tony: “I’m afraid my girlfriend doesn’t love me.”
Lenny: “Why is that bro?”
Tony: “She doesn’t like sex, even kissing is a rare occurrence!”
Lenny: “Oh, that’s probably because she’s asexual. Everyone knows that!”
Tony: “lolwut. How come I didn't know that she was asexual?”
Lenny: ¯_(?)_/¯

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