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A Message From Our Founder

by Brandon Wade on March 5, 2015

Society has come to a point where marriage has taken a downward turn because it no longer satisfies the needs of the modern woman or man. In search of happiness, people are relying less on stereotypical gender roles and traditional relationship paradigms. While monogamy is certainly not dead, a shift in societal ideals has taken place…

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What Does it Mean to be OpenMinded?

  • You’re open to modern configurations of romantic and sexual relationships.
  • You want to explore areas such as open marriages, open relationships, and polyamory—not necessarily to take part, but to open your mind and heart.
  • You are open to meeting people of different relationship configurations, romantic ideologies, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.
  • You want to meet people who love and play like you do. You know they’re out there—you just need a way to get in touch with them.
  • You want to expand your relationship horizons, without anyone trying to sell you porn or cam girls or fake “meetups” with people who turn out to be escorts or other professional sex workers.
  • You have a sex-positive attitude, liberated from the confines of conventional, old-fashioned, repressed ways of loving.

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